koty brytyjskie sphinx
koty brytyjskie, sphinx

We started our adventure with cattery very unusual. When we moved to our new flat in 2000, we decided to buy a Dogue de Bordeaux Ambra Initium. She was to being the forerunner of our kennel. Unfortunately, fate wasn't on our side when Ambra has six months she ruptured her sacroiliac ligament during playing at house. She had three surgeries, then a long recovery so we decided not to breed her. She still lives with us as a happy neuter. In 2006 an Bulldog Winston z Bandy Grandy join to our family. Winnius- because we called him that, has to be the breeder. Full of optimism and passion to everything he does, stole our hearts very quickly. At his first Dog Show judge describe our small piglet as great in type with excellent head but unfortunately she said thet he is to slim. The jurge ordered us to fatten him. In that case we decided to leave him the way he was... very lively and dextrous. In this way first Dog Show of Wini was his lat one. Winius and Ambra make an incredible and almost inseparable couple, they sleep, eat and go for a walk together.

koty brytyjskie, sphinx

Me and my daughter has been trying to convince my husband to buy a cat for a very long time. We choose British Cats because their strong built and plump cheeks suited well to flated muzzles of our dogs. He agreed one day in August 2007 and we got ''green light''. British cats unexpectedly win heart one of the biggest opponent of cats in our home. One month later Cziko Z Kluczywody came to us. From first moment we called him Czesio- he was very calm and sociable cat, just as our dogs. He was retriving toys, sleeping on our knees and playing with the dogs. Our duet turned into the trio. We were watching our pets sleeping together so that they appear as if they were just one animal. We decided to buy another cat from Finch Nest cattery - Meiko. My husband has sworn that this will be the last one. He would probably keep his word unless Czesio died in February 2008. Longing for Czesio made us looking for another cat, that was the time when we decided to establish our own cattery.

koty brytyjskie, sphinx

Now, except the trio - Ambra, Winston and Meiko, with us lives two British females which have very interesting and untipical colour. In May we'll start shows while every news will be shown in "news" section. Enjoy our site!

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